PopStick™ is a USB Computer

Running the latest Linux Kernel

PopStick™ can plug into any computer with a USB-A port or any other USB port with a simple adapter (sold separately). With an adapter, it can also plug into any cell phone or device with a USB Micro-B, USB-C or Lightning® connector.

Upon plugging PopStick™ into a host, it can appear as any type of USB device that you desire. Want it to show up as a scriptable USB Keyboard and Mouse? No Problem. Would you like to SSH into it or run a webserver on it? PopStick™ can appear as a USB Ethernet device. Have something completely custom in mind? The possibilities are endless.

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Hardware Specifications

  • CPU: ARM926EJ-S (ARMv5TE) @ 533 MHz
  • Memory: 64 MB Embedded DDR1
  • Storage:
    • 128 MB SPI NAND Flash for Operating System
    • Micro SD Card Slot
  • 1x USB-A connector: Capable of presenting USB Gadget devices to a Host Computer.
    (USB Gadget devices include: USB Ethernet, Serial, Mass Storage Device, Keyboard / Mouse, etc.)
  • 1x USB Micro-B connector: Presents a Dedicated USB-to-Serial Console for direct control.

PopStick™ can boot from the Internal 128MB Flash or from a MicroSD Card.


PopStick™ Comes Preloaded with a Simple Linux Environment

The internal 128MB Flash is preloaded with a simple Linux environment that sets up a Gadget USB Ethernet and USB Serial device on boot. This means that you will be able to SSH into the device much like you are able to with any other Linux computer. Further, you will also be able to connect to a Serial Console at the same time. Should you need more than what the preloaded OS provides, you are free to boot a more fully-featured OS from an SD card.

Build a Custom Linux OS using Buildroot

Using Buildroot, a simple and easy-to-use tool, you can generate a custom Linux OS for your PopStick™ that includes only what you need. We have provided a PopStick™ Buildroot Environment that has everything you need to quickly configure and cross-compile your own custom Linux environment. Never cross-compile an OS before? No worries, we will be releasing How-Tos that will show how you can use our Buildroot environment to generate your own Custom Linux OS.

Want to learn more?

The documentation for PopStick™ is growing!
You can help us expand it by letting us know what you would like to see.

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By purchasing this device, you will be supporting efforts to integrate the processor used in PopStick™ and its features into the U-boot Bootloader and Linux Kernel source code. In addition, you will be contributing towards the development of cool future products like this one.

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